Monday, July 11, 2005

Freaky weather

September the 11th is a sad anniversary for residents of Venice and the lagoon. The significant event was not the famous attack on New York in 2001, however. Instead, the tornado of 1970, which left 37 dead, many after a boat was lifted into the air. On a day when Florida and Alabama suffered a buffering from the weather systems of the Atlantic, we were served up a minature reminder of the curious possibilities created by Venice's weird microclimate.

Across the lagoon to the north a promontary runs from the mainland in the north down towards the north edge of Venice's lido. Susie and I were on a beach on the eastern shore yesterday afternoon. It was a fine day to the east and the sun was hot. We were aware, however, that behind us a storm appeared to be blowing. As the clous built up behind us it has a perculiar feature: what appeared to be a tornado.

When the sun was finally overtaken by clouds, there was a sudden mass exodus from the busy beach. Upon reaching the road some 60 ar 70 yards behind the beach, we found people out on the street, all discussing the same thing: a tornado. As we had been sunbathing, 50 yards away a tornado had swept through, depositing hailstones, and rearranging the dust and burned plantlife of a hot summer's day. I am glad to report there were no injuries.


At 10:31 PM, Blogger UK plc said...

I'm a little puzzled by the British flag now on your blog. Is it to be read as analagous to the American flags that appeared on the lapels of the "patriotic" after 9/11? Not really your style, I'd have thought...

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Jim said...

Not at all. i just thought it was decorative, and was also playing around with html, seeing what I could work out how to do. The plan is to have various animations appearing there as I learn more, so the flag may not stay long.


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