Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's immoral to send someone so young

"It's immoral to send someone so young." So said Samira Abdullah, the grief stricken mother of Amar al-Far, a 16 year old Palestinian who blew himself up in Tel Aviv on Monday, killing three and injuring 32 others. In response the Israelis have razed his house. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/3974557.stm. This just about sums up the intractibility of the situation. While having every sympathy with Palestinian claims to an independant territory, the route there will take more than a roadmap to find it. If Tony Blair really wants to leave an international legacy, a mutually accepted solution to this situation is where he should be focusing his attentions.

If you think the US elections are becoming a farcical mess, it is nothing compared with the Ukranian elections. You couldn't make it up. http://www.taraskuzio.net/elections2004/elections2004.html

MPs were due to vote today on a total ban on smacking. However, the government has supported an amendment, which means they are now going to ban only smacking which causes bruises or mental harm.

On 12th June 2003 Alan Milburn, then Health Secretary, quit the cabinet to spend more time with his children. Just over a year later, he has had enough of home life, and is back to mastermind Labour's election campaign.


Could these two stories be connected? I really do think we should be told...


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