Monday, December 13, 2004

No Way, Punk!

Dimebag%20Darrell%20playin%20Daryl%20Norton's%20guitar_jpgRIP Dimebag Darrell. The Pantera fretman was shot dead during a concert in Ohio. The curious or unconverted really need to get there hands on a copy of Grammy nominated "Far Beyond Driven" and find out what they have been missing out on.

What is an international court for? 96 countries have agreed to sign up to an agreement known as Article 98 to agree mutually with the US not to bring suit upon each othewrs citizens at the mInternational Criminal Court at the Hague. Countries who do not sign up will be subject to sanctions from the US. I do not currently know whether the UK intends to sign up, but if we do, it probably spells the end of any suit for unlawful imprisonment by the British held at Guantanamo Bay. Anybody captured by an army should be classified a POW until a competant tribuneral has met and reclassified them an enemy combatent. US flouting of the Geneva convention is dangerous, and pressure needs to be put on government of EU member states not to accept it.

Rumsfeld told frustrated US troops that you go to war with the army you have, not the one you might want to have. Will they go and protect Taiwan from the Chinese invasion promised by Beijing, should the government push seperatist policy too far? No way, but if they did the Chinese might quicken steps to swap dollars for Euros in their central reserve. Perhaps the French have the right idea after all.

If the Conservatives do not push the issue of Blair lying over the legal justification for the Iraq war in the runup to the 5th May General Election, they deserve to be burnt at the stake. The time will have come to for a popular alternative. Ashley Vickers at 32 may be a bit old to be England captain by the next world cup. Vickers for PM? Come on Ashley, by the time we elect you, George Weah will be President of Liberia. And they say footballers are getting too powerful...


At 1:17 PM, Blogger UK plc said...

The trouble is, the Tories don't have a leg to stand on. The illegality of the war was clear right from the first war-mongering in 2002, and yet all their MPs voted for it. The Lib Dems have marginally more credibility on the issue, but Blair has successfully demonised them for constantly going on about the war, not supporting the troops etc. Thus, they're more interested in helping O2 erect mobile phone masts...

I can't see a realistic scenario in which Labour's majority is significantly damaged.


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