Friday, November 19, 2004

"White girls shake your ass. Black girls shake your ass. Everybody shake your ass."

membersThe immortal words of the seemingly mortal Ol' Dirty Bastard of the Wu Tang Clan, who passed away this week. It seems he collapsed in his recording studio having taken large amounts of crack. Which is nearly a rock'n'roll death, but just not quite. Still, he died aged 35 leaving 13 children by an unknown number of mothers behind him, so perhaps a wierd Wu Tang style Wilson Phillips will follow eventually. Beloved of metal and rap fans in equal measure, the Clan will live in my memory for attracting some of the worlds scariest moshpits, and for being one of the few bands who could empty the floor at Hatfield's legendary Haunted Hangar.

The Beta Band are also drawing their last breaths, and Matt was lucky enough to catch up with their farewell tour in Cardiff. I guess they will never make that record every music journalist said they had in them. I like the material the singer has done as King Biscuit Time, though, so perhaps it isn't quite the end.

Being stuck in Italy will only MTV Europe and "AllMusic" to supplement the Cds we have over here forces you to listen to the European top 10 more than you might otherwise. Here is what I have learned.

1) Destiny's Child are very, very good at what they do.
2) Eminem will never become less annoying.
3) Manufactured pop can get in your head and stay there, with varied effects - Ashley Simpson is not harmful; Jojo is.
4) Anastacia is awful. Go away.
5) Nelly's duets with various people are always better than I expect them to be.
6) Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama are top of my wish list.

Si has joined the blogging community, so for everything you never knew you wanted to know, visit ukplc.

Finally, I just read Hamlet again. How the modern editions of the play came into being from the three main seventeenth century editions seems to be quite a mystery. It makes you wonder how worthwhile some of the analysis of the play as a 'work' is, whien the total text is only provisional. So speaks somebody who has been reading too much Ricoeur. Still, nearly finished. "Brick Lane" is next on the fiction list, which promises to be good.


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