Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Be prepared...

That's what they told us in the cubs. But I wasn't prepared, oh no no no. Not for this. Moody grey skies one minute, a snow storm the next. Sporting, as is my custom, footwear well past its sell by date, I found the snow wending its devious way into the cavity normally reserved for feet. Oh dear. I am not, in general, a weakminded fool, but this was cold. Cold and wretched. soon a pleasant tingling numbness was the overriding sensation. When I got home, however, and removed the treacherous footwear, my feet were covered in an unusual array of icicles. The thawing process was not an enjoyable one.

I guess the moral of this story "is that a man should never be where he does not belong."

Stupid Mediterranean climate.


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