Monday, February 28, 2005

Greasy Pole? Is that summink to do with that Spearmint Rhino?

Having decided that, close to election time as we are, I would ignore politics entirely for at least six months, the little Rousseau in my head (no, not a manifestation of extending mental health problems) roused this bit of the lumpen proletariat from its slumber again. First of all, I am disenfranchised, since to vote abroad, you need to get you form signed by a British national who has known you for a long time and also lives in your foreign land. Wives are not appropriate signatories, it would seem.

So, in my quest for enfranchisement, I contacted my MP, Claire Ward (see Mules passim), who, as usual offered no assistance. This came as no surprise. What in fact stirred me from my coma was her acting on another issue altogether. The first time I have noticed her do anything was when she rose from her usually cold back bench to fire bigears Clarke a cunning curveball. "If someone is under house arrest, what will the people who live with them do?"

Sterling work, Claire: you're worth every penny, love. Sad I won't be able to vote for you in May.

I also noticed that Jade Johnson is helping the London Olympic bid. For those of you who don't know, she is Britains best female long jumper. And I think they should be making more use of her. Why? Well, work it out for yourself.

Face of London 2012:


OR: Face of London 2012:


Go figure.


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