Friday, February 04, 2005

Simon has got me going

His response on his blog to my comments about the Holocaust have provoked some thought. Sadly nothing verycoherent as yet. Still, more will follow on that when my brain starts working.

On a lighter note, it is Carnival week in Venice. Gets the anthropologist in me revving up. Masked balls? Status inversion? Gold book: weren't they? Paupers as princes, didn't they? And all the English could think about was food, wasn't it?

Also, my review of Venice is now proudly displayed at www.urtheory.co.uk. It was written in more tourist infested times, and I'm not sure that is what I think now, but still...

I am off to find a recipe for the perfect pancake. You can take the man out of England, blahblah blah...


At 12:00 AM, Blogger UK plc said...

RYN: (it means "Reply to Your Note"). No, not posting at 5.30am. I havn't bothered fixing the timestamps for my blog. I think it's on California time. Add 8 or 9 hours or something.
Sorry to sound like a broken record too, but what makes you continue to stress specific parallels to Athens and (it seems to me) rejecting the proposal that a great deal of what we're seeing is strucural features of a democracy (more or less, depending on relative power positions) that are basically universal, even if more or less accentuated depending on circumstances.
What on earth is a digital possibility?


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