Friday, March 18, 2005

Gold cup day

Time is short, so I must be brief. Kicking king will win the gold cup, with celestial gold the only danger. Sleeping night will win the foxhunter if it jumps properly, unless lord atturbury comes back to life. Brewster has an excellent chance in the staying hurdle. Bongo fury would be the county hurdle pick. Kadount would hve been the grand annual choice but does not run, and only fools and rich men bet on the triumph hurdle.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Cheltenham day 3

If any of my dear readers are guillable enough to follow my tips, they will be feeling significantly richer now, after 17/2 and 6/4 winners. The ball may be harder to keep rolling on day 3, with only two worthwhile events.

World Hurdle: Baracouda will probably win, but is evens; Inglis Drever may put up most resistance and might be more fun ew, at around 7/1.

Festival Trophy: 1) Our Vic
2) Rathgar Beau
3) Thisthatandtother

but it is tight between the three.

Be lucky!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Day 2

Contaband won at 7/1, so day one was not too bad. For day two:

R+SA Hurdle: 1) No refuge
2) Roman ark
3) Forager

R+SA Chase
1) L'ami
2) Comply or die
3) Trablogan

Champion Chase
1) moscow flyer
2) azertyuiop
3) well chief

Monday, March 14, 2005


shevan130303Every year people ask me for Cheltenham tips. So this year, I will make life easier all round by putting them up on here.

Tuesday: Supreme Novices Hurdle - 1) My Way de Solzen
2) Marcel
3) wild Passion

Arkle Chase - 1) Contraband
2) Limerick boy
3) My Will
4) Town Crier

Champion Hurdle - 1) Back in Front (NAP)
2) Rooster Booster
3) Harchibald
4) Brave Inca

William Hill Handicap trophy - 1) Iris Bleu (NB)

Cross Country Chase - 1) Majed
2) Smarty
3) Mrs B

That is all.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Do the hippy hippy shake

Watching Chelsea beat Barcalona last night, I witnessed the unusual spectacle of rodenty Brazilian Ronaldinho doing a little jig by way of dummy, before kicking the ball into a net guarded by a stationary defence and a stunned goalkeeper. Magic. Any team that defends like Chelski did last night cannot win the tournament, though. Still AC Milan for me.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Today is my 25th birthday, but the topic is a rum one, I'm afraid. Six million Jews died in the Holocaust, and we should quite rightly remember. Five million Africans have died in genocidal attacks in Africa since 1993. How can we be parsimonious about the Holocaust when our government does nothing to intervene and we do nothing to force them to. In 60 years time, people will say to us "Why did nobody do anything?"




Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscar night

Although they do not rate near the top of my annual "to see" list, the Oscars never fail to be mildly diverting. I was glad to see Morgan Freedman and Cate Blanchett win, as I rate them both very highly. However, the legacy of this year looks far more likely to be the ongoing failure to "recognise" Martin Scorsese. It will be interesting to see if he one day scoops an Oscar for a film far less great than those he should have won for. Also, I believe Million Dollar Baby is elegable for next years Baftas. What odds it wins none?