Friday, June 06, 2008


Today I descended back into the mire where the unwashed masses loiter outside KFC. My ccontract has not been renewed. Not quite terminated, perhaps, but kneecapped. So it's either lots of time for blogging until the internet connection gets cut off, followed by scrounging for change for a warming brew at Vernon's Tea Rooms........OR............job hunting.

Oh the joy. Since the contents of the heads of my powerful superiors are protected by a powerful mystique, I did not find out until today, three weeks after the closing date for almost all school jobs. That I can't fathom why I couldn't have been privy to a hint a few weeks ago is less a mystery than an indication as to why I am on the low side of the road which divides the management junta from the skivvies.

All of which means it is the dregs of the school jobs, or something else altogether.

Failing that, there is always Vernon's Tea Rooms...